[About us]

We are a founder-led firm dedicated to helping fellow founders build. At every stage, we champion the insights, connections, and experience that create world-shaping companies.

Our difference

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    Started in 1999 by investor Philippe Laffont, we know a founder’s journey first-hand. Conviction and agility fuel our constant evolution — and we look for the same never-settle ethos in our partners.

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    Our singular obsession with technology drives how we work as a firm. As investors, we seek out the greatest innovators with the biggest ideas. Our team also includes technologists and engineers who inform our discerning pursuit of the most disruptive trends.

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    Data science and insights

    Data science gives us the conviction to invest in big ideas — as well as the data that we put to work for our portfolio companies. Our in-house team of data scientists and engineers built a proprietary platform with over 200 unique datasets from thousands of companies to provide customized insights on GTM strategies, industry benchmarking, fundraising, hiring, and more.

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    Operational expertise

    Our operators-turned-investors have scaled some of the world’s most innovative companies. From business development to tech stacks, we provide world-class advice to our founders.

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    Creating connections and East Meets West

    Through our extensive network, we bring together leaders from around the world — from first-time founders to CEOs of global companies — and are uniquely positioned to connect those who share our passion for technology. Our annual East Meets West conference is a marquee moment that connects tech innovators.

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    Focus on sustainability

    A UN PRI signatory, we support sustainable innovation in a range of ways, from offsetting our own carbon emissions to deep investing in climate technology. We also offer expert guidance to our venture and growth partners as they develop their own standards for financial and environmental sustainability.