Our strategies

We believe that investment strategies, like companies, must grow and evolve with the market. Our core technology-driven strategies include:

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    We established our public equity strategy with the firm's launch in 1999. Our focus is on disciplined, long-term investing across the most exciting mega-trends in technology. We aim to identify these trends at a global level and back the biggest beneficiaries as the market develops and matures.

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    We expanded our reach to Silicon Valley in 2013 in order to launch our growth investing business. Consistent with our public strategy, our aim is to identify generational, technology-focused leaders that are building world-shaping companies.

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    The insights gained from the success of our growth business allowed us to build out our presence in private markets in 2018 with a dedicated team focused on early-stage investing. Our focus for ventures is on big ideas and visionary technology founders at the earliest stages of seed and Series A.

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    We have developed deep expertise across several themes such as climate technology and fintech that we believe will disrupt traditional sectors, create new use cases, and fuel increased adoption over the next decade.

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    Structured capital

    We seek to create value for investors in all market conditions. Our bespoke approach to structured capital allows us to provide companies and founders with tactical solutions that are tailored to their unique financing needs, even in challenging markets.