Relentlessly curious. Tech-obsessed. Pursuing excellence.

Coatue is a place where high caliber, analytical minds come together. Our team invests across the technology lifecycle, using data and research to anticipate what's next on the horizon.

Our Team

  • Public Investment

    With a disciplined and data-driven approach, our public investment team works in the public markets to deliver value to our clients.

  • Private Investment

    We invest in founders who are building generational technology platforms that stand to change the way we live. We are excited by big, scalable ideas.

  • Data Science

    The foundation for decision-making. Our proprietary models are built by an inquisitive and expert team of data scientists and engineers who have experience working across markets.

  • Investor Relations

    The connection to our Limited Partners. Our investor relations team works to meet the needs of our LPs and bring them the best of Coatue.

  • Compliance & Operations

    The guardrails that improve our business. Our dedicated compliance and operations teams provide counsel, recruiting, accounting, and marketing support to the firm.

  • Administrative

    The linchpin of our team. Our coordinators oversee scheduling, help gather research, and manage logistics to make sure Coatue runs smoothly.

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