Relentlessly curious. Tech-obsessed. Pursuing excellence.

Coatue is a place where high caliber, analytical minds come together. Our team invests across the technology lifecycle, using data and research to anticipate what's next on the horizon.

Meet some of the team

  • Joanna Albright

    Chief Talent Officer

    "No matter what stage of your career you are in, Coatue is a place where you can dive as deep or as broad as you want to while you define your expertise."

  • Jaimin Rangwalla

    Senior Managing Director

    "It is invigorating to work alongside some of the smartest people in our industry who have a passion for critical thinking and trend spotting. There is never a dull day here at Coatue."

  • Armin Kohan

    Vice President

    "Coatue encourages you to raise your hand and work outside of your comfort zone."

  • Sarah Cannon

    General Partner

    "Across borders, we are in search of founders who will build generational technology platforms that will change the way we all live."

  • Filipa Fink

    Director, Investor Relations

    "Nimble and fast-paced, Coatue is able to adapt in a dynamic market and deliver insights from the front lines of technology cycles."

  • Schuyler Claiden

    Chief Administrative Officer

    "The intensity with which we work creates many opportunities to advance your career here. Every day you can learn something new and push yourself to be better."

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